If it has to do with shapewear, I can help.

Hopefully you are here because you…

  1. need help choosing shapewear.
  2. are baffled by the endless choice and variety of shapewear out there.
  3. are annoyed that most websites selling the stuff all churn out the same marketing “schpeak” that doesn’t actually say very much (it’s not just me is it?).
  4. don’t understand the sizing guides.
  5. don’t understand why 2 seemingly identical pairs of knickers cost different prices.
  6. don’t believe or like the airbrushed photos of size nothing young models.
  7. are hoping to see some awful photos of me in shapewear!

HURRAY! You have come to the right place.

I’m Miranda and it is my goal to help you to look more fantastic and feel more confident in your clothes by helping you to find just the right piece of shapewear for you.

(Here’s who I really am)

I’m Yorkshire born and bred but lived in London for too many years to mention.  I’ve done a million and one bonkers jobs – I’ve trained for over a decade to be a classical musician (oboe if you are wondering), written horoscopes, beautiful babies and top tip pages for a magazine, worked on a trading floor all suited and booted in Canary Wharf, sold shapewear for an online shop, took a sabatical scuba diving in Malaysia doing surveys of the sea bed, made websites for several companies, written articles, cleaned churches, packed up pianos, pulled pints in a pub, worked the checkout in a supermarket.


I’m now very happily settled by the sea in Cornwall with my dearest husband, utterly delicious little daughter and manky old cat. I love going to the beach, having coffee with friends, or even better, having wine in the pub with friends, spending time with my fabulous family, reading books (lots and lots), doing the odd bit of Zumba (whoop whoop), having baths, watching the telly (isn’t One Born Every Minute so watchable!) and being lazy.

Why shapewear?

In one of my past lives I worked in the online shapewear industry. I really hated the perfect marketing photos and the generic blurb that was supposed to sell the stuff.  Time and again people trying to buy shapewear just wanted some honest facts, pictures and a better idea of what they might be buying. The gorgeous size 4 model with any possible lumps and bumps airbrushed from the photos really didn’t help them. After really enjoying giving out tons of (very appreciated) honest advice I decided to set up this website and blog to help people choose shapewear a bit more easily.

I am going to give you

  • Detailed reviews and my honest opinions.
  • Real photos.
  • Before and after photos and possibly some videos.
  • All the facts.
  • Where to buy, who gives good service, and who doesn’t let you return things!
  • Special offers, shapewear sales and discount codes.
  • How tos – such as how to get the damn things on without putting your back out.
  • A simple comparison table so you line up the culprits all in a row.

I’ve used some of the “pretty” marketing photos in my reviews but I’ve also taken lots of pictures own. None of my own are airbrushed and all of the products have been tried and tested on my own (quite imperfect) figure.

I’m a size 12 – 16, depending on how well the 5:2 diet is going, and on where I am buying from. I’m pretty tall at 5ft 9″ with a reasonable rack, fairly slim legs, a bum that is sliding south and a gorgeous spare tyre round my middle. Please do not judge how I look, I know I am no model. I’m trying to give you a better idea of what the product is like, I’m not trying to look good!

Because you are not all going to be the same size and shape as me, where possible (ie when ever I can rope my family and friends in to help) I will get other opinions too. This will most likely be in the form of my long suffering Mum, who comes to stay with me fairly regularly (kids and Cornwall are a real magnet!). She is petite at 5ft 2″ a size 8 – 12 (depending on whether she is going on holiday or just coming back) and has very little in the bum and boobs department. I plan on getting hold of lots of the padded pants and things that lift and shape you, not that she knows this yet!

I really hope you enjoy reading my reviews and they help or amuse you, or both!

Miranda x

Disclaimer: Some of my links where you can buy the shapewear from are set up as affiliate links (to date this is only the Amazon links). This means that I get paid a fraction (and I mean a fraction!) of any sales made. I can promise you that this will not influence me in my reviews, if I don’t like a product I will say so. Also, if any company offers me the product for free, or offers me money to review the product I will let you know this at the end of the review. Again, I will not let this influence my review but it is only fair to let you know the situation.