Shapewear & Accessories Covering The Bust and Bra

Bust or Bra Shapewear CoverageI am yet to review any shapewear bras, so I will keep quiet on them until I have given some a go. Spanx apparently do some really good ones, so hang fire and I will get my hands on them hopefully very soon.

I am a big fan of bra accessories and sticky bits. The idea behind them is to take your normal every day bra and make it either fit you better or work better with your clothes.

When I was newly pregnant and not big enough really for a maternity bra I did seem to expand a bit under my bust. I was given some bra extenders which basically just make your bra a wider size – so instead of it being say a 36C it takes it to a 38 or 40C. It saved me loads of money as I was able to make lots of my normal bras last a bit longer. When I finally had “our kid” and stopped breast feeding her, I still didn’t fit into lots of my pretty bras. I dug the bra extenders out and yay, I looked all purty again (note to self: must work on the 5:2 a bit more).

My other favourite is the magic bra clip, which is a brilliant gadget. You clip it to the back of your bra and it holds your bra straps in a racer back position. It basically stops your bra straps from slipping down on your shoulders, something which I hate but always seem to put up with. I’m really looking forward to using mine this Summer as there is nothing worse (okay there is lots worse…) that seeing someones bra strap falling down from under a lovely Summery top. I have been known to hoik complete strangers bra straps back into place, sorry!

My Reviews On Shapewear & Accessories For The Bra And Bust Area