Esbelt Samba Slimsuit Panty

esbelt samba slimsuit panty

Esbelt Samba Slimsuit Panty – The Perfect Pics You See Everywhere!

The Main Product Details:

RRP: £42.00
Brand: Esbelt
Product #: ES603
Slimming Strength: Maximum Control
Coverage: Bottom to Bust (just under bust at front and over bra at back)
Style: Slimming Bodysuit
Colour: Natural (Choc) and Black
Sizes: UK 6 -20 (Small to XLarge)
Seamless: No – flat seams down the sides and on the panty section.

Additional Features:
– Wear with your own bra.
– Opening cotton gusset (hook and eye)
– Thin, adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Comes with a pair of see-through straps.
– Made from EXTREMELY strong fabric!

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Clothing Considerations:

  • Wear with your own bra.
  • Can be worn with very short skirts and dresses.
  • Can be worn under most fabrics – the seams are not in obvious places and are flat.
  • Can’t be worn with low backed tops and dresses.

Size Chart:

Please compare your measurements against the  Esbelt size chart. You can click on it to make it bigger so that it is easier to read.

esbelt samba slimsuit size chart

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Fabric Content:

Main body: 75% rubber/latex, 25% cotton
Panty: 93% polyamide, 7 % elastaneLining: 100% cotton

Fabric Care:

Hand wash, do not bleach, tumble dry or iron. Keep away from direct heat.


I was given a large size to review.

Front top to bottom = 19.5 inches
Back top to bottom = 21 inches
Side top to bottom = 14 inches
Strap width = 1cm

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Esbelt Samba Slimsuit Panty – My Review.

I’m a big fan of the Esbelt Waist Cinchers so I was very pleased to be trying out their version of a slimming bodysuit. It is the first maximum control bodysuit I have looked at and I was really impressed. I think Esbelt have really thought out what works with a bodysuit and what doesn’t and have combined the best bits of a slimming bodysuit with the super strong control of their waist cinchers.

My Not So Glamorous Photos.

(click to enlarge them)

esbelt samba slimsuit panty packaging

How It Arrives

The Esbelt Samba Slimsuit Panty arrived in quite a neat little packet. It isn’t the most glamorous of branding – I’m not too keen on the model on the front (she looks a bit scary!).

esbelt samba slimsuit panty front

Front View

When I got the slimsuit out of the packet it did smell of rubber a bit (well it is made partly from rubber) and the rubber bits had a sort of white scuffing on them. I know the one I received was a brand new one, and talking to Esbelt, this is what happens to the rubber when it is put into the packaging. They say giving it a sponge down or a wash solves the problem.

The slimsuit is bigger than I thought it would be and far far more robust than it looks in the branded photos. The main section of the body is made from a rubber/latex lined with cotton. It is fairly thin and very flexible, but it is far more substantial than any other bodysuit I have looked at!

esbelt samba slimsuit panty back

Back View

The back comes up very high – well over your bra and shoulder blades. This is brilliant for sorting out any back boobs or bra bulges but it won’t be any good with anything that shows the top of your back.

esbelt samba slimsuit panty back seam

Back Seam and Panty

There is quite a big horizontal seam at the bottom of your back where the panty section starts. The panty section is made from a slicker, lighter fabric that has one seam running down the centre.

The slimsuit comes with natural coloured straps attached. These are thin (1cm), fully adjustable and fully detachable. You also get a 2nd pair of transparent straps – very handy!

esbelt samba slimsuit panty legs


The panty section has very low rise legs. These are made from the thinner, smoother material and are excellent if you tend to bulge out of the sides of high rise shapewear. The legs are binded but made from very stretchy material, so they should sit flat on your thighs and not create VPL.

esbelt samba slimsuit panty side seam

Side Seam

There is quite a thick side seam running down from the under arms to the top of the panty section. This may show through thin or tight clothing.

esbelt samba slimsuit panty gusset


The gusset is made from cotton and opens/closes with 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes – very secure and easy to use!

I was given a large size to review – far to big for my skinny whinny mannequin, sorry!

What I Like About The Slimsuit Panty.

  • This is the strongest slimming bodysuit I have ever come across. It is seriously strong as the main section is made out of rubber/latex.
  • It is designed to be worn with your own bra – always a good thing with my boobs! The shape of the scooped out section for your bust is a good one too. It didn’t catch or dig in for me.
  • I really like the panty style. It is in the style of a pair of cami knickers, so mid way between a pair of knickers and a boy short. For me it covered the bits at the side that often bulge out of a pair of normal knicker style.
  • The adjustable straps are good and you have the option of swapping them for the see-through pair (included).
  • The back comes up nice and high so really helped to get rid of my bra lines and back boobs.
  • The gusset is cotton lined and opens with 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes – very secure but easy to use.
  • The whole bodysuit is cotton lined so the rubber doesn’t touch your skin. It is supposed to be moisture absorbent which I can see would be a real benefit as the bodysuit is so heavy duty.
  • The slimming effect this had on me was amazing. It really pulled me in around my middle section and tummy making be look a lot slimmer.

What I Don’t Like About The Slimsuit Panty.

  • You need to be prepared for this being a pretty heavy duty bodysuit. It is made from rubber so it is not for the feint-hearted.
  • It does smell a bit of rubber when you get it out of the packet. This would go after washing though.
  • I could see myself getting really hot in this. Although the lining is moisture-wicking, it is still quite a substantial extra layer to be wearing under your clothes.
  • It has seams around the panty section which might show though some clothes. In general though the seams are well hidden.
  • You won’t be able to pack away too much food and drink wearing this! However, I found it fine to move around in, not too restricting.

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