How To Put On A Pair Of Magic Knickers

Magic Knickers are one of the hardest pieces of shapewear to put on correctly. When you get them out of the packet I can almost guarantee you will be scared by their size. Some of these bad boys are TINY. However, if you have chosen the right size according to your weight, height or dress size, never fear. They will fit.

Here is what you need to do to get the damn things on:

  1. Don’t panic. Always helpful advice in any situation.
  2. Try to be as cool as possible before you start. You are only going to get hotter!
  3. Your skin really must be as dry as possible. Slightly damp or moisturised won’t help your cause. The magic knickers will sort of stick and be virtually impossible to get on.
  4. Be alone. No one else should have to see this!
  5. Sit down and concertina up the first leg, kind of like you are putting on a pair of tights.
  6. Put your foot into the hole and bring the bunched material up all the way to your mid thigh.
  7. Repeat with the second leg.
  8. Stand yourself up and pull them up to your crotch.
  9. Now you need to do something called “seating” the bum. Think along the lines of adjusting your boobs in your bra – do the same for your bum cheeks. If you don’t your bum may look a bit squashed and shapeless.
  10. Roll the material on your legs down, so everything is lying flat on your thighs.
  11. Roll the material on your body up. Either up to your waist for the low waisted ones, or right up to underneath your bra for the high waisted one.
  12. Now MOVE. Dance, wriggle, jiggle, stretch, what ever you want. You need to get everything comfortable and in the right place BEFORE you put your clothes on.
  13. You may be feeling a little hot and pink of cheek by now. You deserve a little lie down in a darkened room. Or stick on a fan to cool yourself down. Or splash your wrists and back of the neck with cold water. Or have a gin!
  14. Now put your clothes on and make your entrance looking the bees knees!