How To Put On Shapewear Without Going Blue In The Face!

One common complaint that I hear about shapewear is that it is really hard to get some of it on. Most of this stuff is tight, really tight. Think stuffed sausage! You can’t just slip it on like you do a pair of jeans.

Here’s how to put on shapewear:

  • Time. You must give yourself a bit of time to get shapewear on. If you are getting dressed in two seconds flat then it just won’t work. Oooching and skootching and gentle easing on is required unless you want to turn blue in the face!
  • Get towelling! Your skin must be completely dry. Have you ever tried to put on skinny jeans after swimming? Yikes, isn’t it virtually impossible? It is the same with shapewear. Mildly damp skin or even moisturised skin will make the task in hand 100 times more difficult. Talc can help!
  • Never over the head. For shapewear slips and camisoles, I recommend that you step into them and roll them up your body. If you put them over your head you will probably get stuck, especially round your shoulders. It will also feel really disheartening and I can almost guarantee you will think you have chosen a size too small. You haven’t you just need to have a go from the other end.
  • Unhinged. You need to leave everything unfastened. Hooks and eyes, zips, whatever. It is far easier to fasten them and get them in the right place one the stuff is on.
  • Commando! If your shapewear has a gusset (opening or not) I would always recommend not wearing your own knickers underneath. The tight shapewear will only outline your knickers, leaving you with glorious VPL. Not nice.
  • Tight fit? If you are wearing tights too, where do they fit in? I suggest putting your tights on UNDERNEATH your shapewear. Shapewear can be really smooth and slick and if you put your tights on over the top they will probably start working their way down over the course of the evening. Disaster!
  • Gin and Tonic. If you are all hot and bothered now, have a quick lie down in a darkened room. Or splash your wrists and back of your neck with cool water. Or stick your head out of the window for a gulp or two of fresh air. Or have a gin!

Hopefully your time and efforts will be worth it all and you will look and feel a million pounds in your outfit. Stand tall, hold your head high and slap a smile on your face. You look BEAUTIFUL x