Shapewear Coverage

Sometimes the easiest way to choose shapewear is by how much of your body it covers. Some shapewear only covers a tiny bit, such as your waistline (tummy to midriff) or your bottom where as some covers almost head to toe! I hope the categories I have used make sense and that this helps you on your quest for choosing the perfect piece of shapewear x

Mid Thigh To Midriff Shapewear

Mid Thigh – Midriff

Mid Thigh To Waist Shapewear

Mid Thigh – Waist

Mid Thigh To Bust Shapewear

Mid Thigh – Bust

hips to bust shapewear coverage

Hips – Bust

Bottom To Midriff Shapewear

Bottom – Midriff

Bottom To Waist Shapewear

Bottom – Waist

Tummy To Midriff Shapewear

Tummy – Midriff

Toes To Midriff Shapewear

Toes – Midriff

Ankles To Midriff Shapewear

Ankles – Midriff

Bust or Bra Shapewear

Bust or Bra

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Mid Thighs To Midriff >>

This is the most common type of shapewear and usually comes in the form of magic knickers, high waisted skirts or bodysuits that don’t cover the bust.

Mid Thighs To Waist >>

These usually are low waisted magic knickers and are suitable for people who don’t carry much weight around their waists.

Mid Thighs To Bust >>

These are full slimming bodysuits and shapewear slips that give full coverage.

Hips To Bust >>

Shapewear vests and tops that slim and smooth everything, giving a lovely line under clothes..

Bottom To Midriff >>

Shapewear that covers your bottom to your midriff are high waisted pants, briefs and thongs.

Bottom To Waist >>

Low waisted pants, briefs and thongs.

Tummy To Midriff >>

Waist cinchers.

Toes To Midriff >>

Control top tights.

Ankles To Midriff >>

Leggings and open toed tights.

Bust Or Bra >>

Bras and bra accessories.