Shapewear: My Top 5 Tips For Choosing Shapewear

Shapewear can be a wonderful thing. It can save you loads of money by getting you to fit into too tight clothes and it can make you feel more confident, sexy and generally a bit fab. It can also make you feel like you have wasted a lot of money by making you look like a lumpy frumpy Mrs Mop!

Follow my top tips and you should be well on your way being a slinky siren x

#1. Choose the right size – how small should you go?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is amazing how many ladies get this wrong. It is sooo very tempting to go for the size smaller in the hopes that it will make you that little bit thinner. PLEASE never ever do that! Too tight shapewear makes you look like a lumpy sack of potatoes. It might be making your belly and waist look teeny tiny but it will be squeezing out mounds of flesh you didn’t realise you had out of the ends. You will look lumpy and bumpy and generally quite bad. Check the size charts every time. OK they are not always perfect and you may need to swap sizes, but in general they do work. If you want a tighter fit, go for a stronger slimming strength.

#2. Choose the right slimming strength – tight tight tight isn’t always right.

You need to think about how you are going to wear the shapewear. Is it for a very special occasion where you absolutely need to look THIN for a few hours? Or is it for a long drawn out event such as a wedding, where you will be required to eat, drink and not faint over the course of the day and night? For short blasts of looking amazing, there is the extra firm and maximum control stuff which will truss you up and transform your shape. For the rest of the time please go for the medium and firm control shapewear. Most of it works beautifully well and you can still fully function as a living, breathing woman.

#3. Don’t make a boob-oo!

I’m just going to say this straight out. Big boobs look awful in all in one shapewear. If you are over a cup size C choose the wear your own bra stuff. Otherwise you will not get the support and shape you need, and you will be fidgeting with the shapewear to get it back in place all night long. Big boobs and all in one shapewear are BAD!

#4. Choose the right coverage – flashing the flesh?

Are you wanting to look all sexy in a low backed dress and still slim your belly and waist? Tough, you can’t. You need to be realistic about what shapewear can do. It is after all only material!

Are you wanting to slim your thighs and wear that lovely mid thigh skirt. Nope. Banned! Your mid thigh shapewear will be there for all to see under your mid thigh skirt. Think about it, skirts and dresses move around. Go for knicker legged shapewear instead as flashing your shapewear, celeb style, is just too tacky for words!

#5. Think escape route!

So you are wearing a full on floor length evening gown to the poshest do in town. And your shapewear bodysuit with shoulder straps to hold it nicely in place DOESN’T HAVE AN OPENING GUSSET. Believe me, at some point in the night it will be panic stations. Having to completely undress in the ladies in even the nicest of venues is a bit grim. And you will always come out of the loos looking suspiciously ruffled. I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but the opening gusset is a must have. Most of the time you may not need it, but trust me, as a bridesmaid and bride wearing shapewear there was just no getting out of using the dreaded opening flappy gusset!

Happy Shapewear Shopping!