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Spanx Heaven is a new collection of super soft shapewear. Made from a material called Modal, the fabric is amazingly soft and easy to wear but still gives slimming control, especially around the tummy. The control level on this shapewear is medium which gives good control without making you feel too trussed up.

What on earth is Modal fabric?

I hadn’t come across the fabric called Modal until today! I googled it to find out more and this is what it is:

It is a type of rayon textile made from fibres of the beech tree. It is not a totally natural fibre as the wood pulp from the tree is heavily processed using chemicals. Modal fabric is very soft and often found in underwear, bedding and towels. It is often blended with cotton, spandex or other fibers. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent. It takes and holds dye easily. Modal is less resistant to shrinkage than cotton and tends to pill less as a result of friction on the surface.

I think that the Modal fabric is a really good choice of fabric for medium control shapewear. I love shapewear that feels light and cool to the touch, which Spanx Heaven definitely does. It is also good that it is less liable to shrink in the wash (which lots of shapewear does after a period of time) and it doesn’t pill (create little bobbles on the surface) after lots of wears (my Spanx Higher Power have certainly done this in places!).

If you are looking for some shapewear that is super soft, discreet and barely there, Spanx Heaven is a really good choice! I especially love the high waisted thong which I have thought for ages was missing from the Spanx shapewear range.

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