Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power

spanx in power line super higher power

Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power – The Perfect Pics You See Everywhere!

The Main Product Details:

RRP: £35.00
Brand: Spanx In Power Line
Product #: 916
Slimming Strength: Firm control (Super on the Spanx website).
Coverage: Mid Thighs To Midriff (just under bust).
Style: High Waisted Magic Knickers
Colour: Natural or Black
Sizes: UK 10 – 20 (Spanx sizes A-E). F & G sizes are available on some websites.
Seamless: No

Additional Features:
– Opening cotton gusset.
– Non-binding leg bands to prevent bulges on the thighs.
– Wobbly waistband to hold them in place without straps.

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Clothing Considerations:

  • They are perfect under clothes with a tight waistband.
  • Can be worn with or without a bra.
  • Can be worn with strapless tops and dresses.
  • Don’t wear with anything too short as the legs might peek under your skirt.
  • Don’t wear under very light fabrics as the seams may give the game away.

Size Chart:

Please compare your weight and height against the Spanx size chart. You can click on it to make it bigger so that it is easier to read.
spanx super higher power size chart

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Fabric Content:

85% nylon and 15% lycra spandex/elastane with a cotton gusset.

Fabric Care:

Handwash separately in warm water. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry. Do not iron.


I reviewed a size B.

(All measurements are non-stretched)
Waistband to mid gusset = 14 inchesSide Waistband to bottom of legs = 29 inches
Leg section (top to bottom) = 6.5 inches
Waistband = 1 inch

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Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power – My Review.

Spanx Higher Power was the first item of shapewear I ever bought. I was going to a wedding and wanted to wear a pair of white trousers. The waistband was far too tight and the idea of spending the day in them eating a sit down meal and still being chirpy was upsettting. I bought a pair of Spanx Higher Power as my friend suggested I try them. Bingo schmingo they worked! My waistband was far looser and I felt much more comfortable in my trousers – until I ate and drank too much that is! My original pair was bought in the early 2000s and since then Spanx have tweaked the design. This version is called Spanx Super Higher Power and is part of the Spanx In Power Line range. I have 2 pairs of these in my cupboard!

My Not So Glamorous Photos!

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)

spanx super higher power packaging

How They Arrive!

My Spanx Super Higher Power arrived in a neat, bright pink packet (small enough to fit through a letterbox if you are getting them delivered). They have the usual slim Spanx beauties on the front who set my teeth on edge a little!

spanx super higher power packet

Taken Out Of The Outer Packaging

This is what they look like out of the outer packaging. These are a brand new pair but they look quite crumpled. According to Spanx because the material is so stretchy this is the best they can make them look! Not quite like the swish marketing photos…

spanx super higher power front

Front View

The Spanx Higher Power are quite long in the body which makes them look at bit odd when they are laid out flat.

spanx super higher power tummy control panel

Tummy Control Panel and Seam

There is a V section on the front that is a strong tummy control panel. There is a deep, flat sewn seam running down the centre too. Don’t worry too much about the seam as once it is on your body it stretches out and should lie pretty flat.

spanx super higher power waistband

Wobbly Waistband!

The waistband is sort of gathered and wobbly looking. This is so it can mold itself to your ribcage so it can stay in place.

spanx super higher power back

Back View

Like the front, the back has the deep seam which will flatten out once it is on your body. The fabric is supposed to give your bum a bit of a lift and shape but I couldn’t see how that works from the material! However, I do agree they give your bum a good shape when they are on – I have 2 pairs of these and can vouch that this works. Not massively, but it does work.

spanx super higher power non binding legs

Non binding, soft legs

The material on the legs is a very soft, double layered hosiery type fabric. It is lovely but do be careful not to snag your nails or jewellery on it. The ends of the legs are non binded and so they should lie flat on your thighs without creating a ridge where they finish.

spanx super higher power gusset

Opening Cotton Gusset

The gusset is made from cotton and is opening but without any fastenings. There is a flap, sort of like a mans y-front that you can open when you need the loo.

spanx super higher power insert

Funky Insert!

Rather than ending on a picture of a gusset I thought I’d show you the funky insert that comes with the Spanx Higher Power. Not really relevant to the review, but I quite like it!

What I Like About The Spanx Higher Power.

  • They are high waisted so they help to get tight waistbands to fit more comfortably.
  • They cover over your waist so you don’t get a big roll of fat where they finish.
  • They stay in place without any additional straps.
  • You don’t have to pull them down to use the loo as they have an opening gusset.
  • The legs don’t have end bindings on them so they lie pretty much flat on your thighs.
  • They are nice and long in the body so if you are fairly tall they will fit you nicely.
  • They are very light to wear so you don’t feel like a hot stuffed sausage!

What I Don’t Like About The Spanx Higher Power.

  • I’m not convinced by the opening gusset. Your “aim” has to be good and to be blunt, since having a baby, mine isn’t. I tend to wressle out of them if I can to use the loo.
  • If I haven’t got them pulled up high enough, the top band (that is supposed to stay in place) rolls down. This also happens if I do prolonged, vigorous dancing (doesn’t happen too often these days).
  • The flat sewn seams are still seams and will show through some tight or flimsy clothes.
  • The extended body bit is really quite long – fine for me but not if you are short like my Mum.
  • The legs are quite long so not suitable to be worn with short skirts.
  • They are supposed to give your “rear a lift”. They do give it a good shape but I’m not sure if “a lift” is overstating it.

How To Put On At Pair Of Spanx Higher Power.

Sit down. Roll up the first leg like you are putting on a pair of tights. Put your foot in and pull it up to your thighs. Do the same for the second leg. Now stand up. You need to “seat” the bum so the seam runs down the centre and they are pulled up enough to sit comfortably. Roll the rest of the body up until the waistband is sitting on your ribcage. Where it ends up depends on how tall you are. It should be somewhere between your mid ribs and just below your bra. Now roll down the thighs.

Time for a quick and vigorous shapewear shuffle. Wiggle, jiggle and move around wildly so that the Spanx come to rest in a natural place. This will save you a lot of discomfort later on. Now have a rest, a little drink, put on a fan if you are too hot. Once chilled, you can get dressed.

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