Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole

spanx slimplicity open bust camisole

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole – The Perfect Pics You See Everywhere!

The Main Product Details:

RRP: £54.00
Brand: Spanx Slimplicity
Product #: 309
Slimming Strength: Firm (Super on the Spanx website).
Coverage: Tummy to Bust. It stops just under your bust at the front and over the top of your bra at the back.
Style: Shapewear Top (Camisole).
Colour: Natural and Black
Sizes: UK 10 – 18
Seamless: Yes

Additional Features:
– Designed to be worn with your own bra (scooped out section at the front).
– Non adjustable shoulder straps.
– Skirt section at the bottom to prevent the top from rolling up

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Clothing Considerations:

  • You can’t wear this camisole under strapless dresses and tops.
  • It is designed to be worn with your own bra (can be a normal one or strapless).
  • You can wear it under thin and tight fitting fabrics, it shouldn’t show through.
  • I think this works brilliantly under tight fitting jumpers and t-shirts.

Size Chart:

Please compare your measurements against the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole size chart. You can click on it to make it bigger so that it is easier to read.

spanx slimplicity open bust camisole size chart

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Fabric Content:

76% Nylon, 24% Spandex/Elastane.

Fabric Care:

Spanx recommend that you machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle with like colours. Line dry and do not iron as this will destroy the spandex/elastane/lycra and silicone!

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Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole – My Review.

Now I know I am not in the minority in suffering from the dreaded bra lines and back boobs under tight t-shirts. I’ve seen you all out and about now the weather has picked up a bit. You may look all pretty and perky from the front but goodness knows what is happening on your back! It doesn’t even take that much. A tiny bit of weight and a slightly too tight bra and BAM, the extra set of girls appears and follows you everywhere.

I know that on a nice sunny day you really don’t want to be all trussed up in full blown shapewear. However, the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole isn’t over the top. It is a really neat little shapewear top that is lightweight and shouldn’t make you too hot and sweaty. It does a fabulous job of slimming and smoothing so that you look as good from the back as you do from the front.

What I Like About The Camisole.

  • It is made from gorgeous fabric – really silky smooth and very touchable! I hate to sound all marketing but it really does make the camisole feel luxurious and quite expensive (which it is!).
  • The whole front and back sections are completely seamless. There are 2 flat sewn seams that run down the sides (where your arms naturally hang). Unless you are wearing a super tight boob tube thing with no seams of it’s own the camisole won’t show under your clothes.
  • I just love anything that is made to be worn with your own bra. Being bigger up top with an element of droop I just can’t get on with anything with a built in bra. The ladies just need the support! The scooped out section was the right size for me and felt comfortable without any pinching.
  • Although the straps aren’t adjustable, they are nice and wide and so covered up my bra straps. Nice not to have 2 straps showing on my shoulders.
  • The “skirt” section at the bottom of the camisole (it’s about 1 inch wide) is made from different material to the rest of the top. It is more stretchy and I found it helped to keep the cami in place and it didn’t roll up on me.
  • I loved the slimming and smoothing effect it gave me under a tight t-shirt. You couldn’t really see where my bra was and there were certainly no lumps and bumps and no back boobs, yay!!

What I Don’t Like About The Camisole.

  • I always prefer straps that are adjustable. I am quite tall and having adjustable straps always helps me with the fit of things. Having said that I found the fit on this top to be really good (I’m just looking for something to complain about!).
  • I would have preferred the top length to the slightly longer. Maybe if the camisole came in different lengths this would help. I wanted it to sit a little bit lower down right over the top of my knickers. I think it would have made me feel a bit “safer”.

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