Shapewear That Covers The Ankles Or Toes To The Midriff

Ankles To Midriff Shapewear CoverageShapewear that covers from the ankles to the midriff tends to come in two forms: the open toed tights (which I am yet to try and review) and my new wardrobe best friend slimming leggings! Slimming leggings make me look fab, even though I say it myself. I have never felt so confident in a pair of leggings with a lovely long top over them. My legs look ace, my bum looks ace and I feel ace (showing my age now using the word ace!). My recommendation is you should try some, what ever your shape, size or age! Just for the record, the ones that I own, worship and adore are the Spanx Look At Me High Waisted Leggings.

Things to consider when buying slimming leggings (I will add open toed tights when I have reviewed some:

  • Opaqueness. I love proper opaque leggings. None of this shiny, see-through stuff for me. In my opinion you only seem to get proper opaque, non-shiny leggings when the fabric has lots of cotton content. They also wash a lot better and seem to last much longer.
  • Length. Are they going to be long enough in the leg or are they going to be right up near your shin bone rather than down near your ankles? Are they going to be too long? I have to say the Spanx Leggings are quite long, fine for me, but if you were a bit shorter they might swamp you.
  • Roll down. Like all high waisted shapewear there is a chance it might roll down on you. If someone did high waisted shapewear leggings with shoulder straps (might look at bit odd without a top on?) I would snap them up!
  • Shaping. It really helps with long term washing and wearing if they have shaping around the bum and knees. Otherwise they go a bit baggy after a few wears, just like normal leggings.


Toes To Midriff Shapewear CoverageShapewear that covers from the toes to the midriff – we are talking about high waisted slimming tights. Tights that have built in magic knickers and slimming panels. In principle I absolutely love the idea, one garment does everything. No extra layers, no double waistbands, no VPL.

Things to think about before you buy:

  • Legs. Not all of them slim your legs. Some only slim the mid thighs to midriff, which is fine, so long as you know. If you are wanting them to slim your legs too then you need to go for the thicker versions, which don’t always look as elegant.
  • Gusset (please can someone come up with a nicer name?). The gusset on high waisted slimming tights tends to be closed. I do think they would be very hard to make with an opening gusset. However, it does make life a little bit difficult. Is that the shapewear shuffle I hear playing in the background…
  • Roll down. Those wibbly wobbly high waistbands really don’t stay up on everyone. I like the ones with the grippy silicone linings but they do leave a mark on you if you get really hot!
  • Ladders. Slimming tights cost a good deal more than a pair of normal tights and once they have laddered then they are only really good for making jam (apparently!). Answers on a post card (or in the comments box below) as to what to do with them after they have laddered. I am sure that someone with good scissors and sewing skills could make them into normal high waisted magic knickers.
  • Thighs. These still have a mid thigh section in them so are no good whatsoever for wearing under short short skirts. No one wants to see your shapewear do they? Can someone out there invent some without the thigh bits please? I will buy a pair!

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