Trinny and Susannah The Magic Tummy Tucker Vest

trinny and susannah the magic tummy tucker vest

Trinny & Susannah The Magic Tummy Tucker Vest – The Perfect Pics You See Everywhere!

The Main Product Details:

RRP: £39.00
Brand: Trinny and Susannah
Product #: 53518
Slimming Strength: Extra Firm Control
Coverage: Tummy To Bust
Style: Shapewear Vest
Colour: Black, White, Pearl (Grey) and Red
Sizes: UK 10 – 22
Seamless: Yes

Additional Features:
– Thin, non-adjustable shoulder straps (non-removable too).
– Skirt section at the bottom to hold it in place and maintain a smooth look.
– Very lightweight and cool to wear.
– The bust area is not sized.

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Clothing Considerations:

  • You can wear it with or without a bra.
  • It has shoulder straps (non-adjustable) so you can’t wear it with strapless outfits.
  • It is pretty much seamless so wear it under your tightest body con dress!

Size Chart:

Please compare your measurements against the Trinny and Susannah size chart. You can click on it to make it bigger so that it is easier to read.

trinny and susannah the magic tummy tucker vest size chart

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Fabric Content:

It is made from:

  • Chest & Skirt (bit around your hips): 68% viscose, 22% polyamid, 10% cashmere
  • Torso: 87% polyamid, 13% elastane

Fabric Care:

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not bleach, iron, tumble dry or dry clean.


I reviewed a medium size

Front top to hem = 17 inches
Back top to hem = 18 inches
Skirt = 3.5 inches
Body section = 10 inches
Straps = 0.25 inches wide

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Trinny and Susannah The Magic Tummy Tucker Vest – My Review.

My Not So Glamorous Photos…

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest packaging

How It Arrives!

The Tummy Tucker Vest arrived in the usual smart packaging with the lovely Trinny & Susannah on the front.

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest packet

Out Of The Packaging

The vest should be parcelled up neatly inside with a plastic sleeve to protect it.

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest front view

Front View

Apologies, some of the photos have come out a little bit bluey. I can confirm though that the black vest is very very black in real life – not a hint of blue!

The vest is nice and long and feels really lovely. The top and skirt sections are made from a cashmere blend which makes them INCREDIBLY soft. The body section is made from an extra firm control fabric which feels very strong. It is completely seamless which makes it wearable under most clothing and fabrics.

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest skirt

Skirt Section

The skirt section at the bottom (3.5 inches) is a brilliant idea. It is designed to conceal any bulges left behind by the extra firm control body and will help to give you a really smooth silhouette. It should sit over your hips and can be tucked in to trousers and skirts. It is made from the cashmere blend and is so so very soft to touch!

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest top

Top Section

The top section of the vest is again made from the cashmere blend. It is soft to wear but please do note that the bust area is not formed. For smaller busts it will provide support but for anything bigger than a B I would definitely say to wear your own bra underneath it.

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest straps


The straps are very thing (0.25 inches wide) and are non-adjustable.

trinny & susannah the magic tummy tucker vest back view

Back View

The back and the front look ALMOST the same and there is no label inside to indicate which is the back. The front top does have a bit more of a v dip to it and the back does come up about an inch higher.

What I Like About The Tummy Tucker Vest.

  • I think the shape of this vest is fab. It is lovely and long, so it came right down over my tummy and finished just below my knicker line. I’ve tried a few shorter vests that finish in totally the wrong place which created more bulges that they got rid of. This covers everything I wanted it to.
  • The fabric of the main body is reassuringly strong and bouncy. It passed the elastic tug test (ping!) which is always a sign of good, strong control shapewear.
  • The bust area and the “skirt” is very touchy feely. The fabric has 10% cashmere in it – oooh!
  • I love the “skirt” section of the vest as it makes it nice and long. It came right down over my hips and sat nice and flat against my hunky haunchy bits. Also, really importantly, it didn’t feel like it would roll up and it certainly didn’t dig in.
  • The main torso fabric is totally seamless, not a stitch in sight, yippee! I think it would be wearable under pretty much any fabrics, even silk.
  • It is really easy to tuck it into your jeans. It isn’t at all bulky and is really lightweight and cool to wear.
  • I felt very nipped, tucker and supported in the tummy tucker vest. It does give really excellent slimming control and I loved the smooth line it created, especially around my back.

What I Don’t Like About The Tummy Tucker Vest.

  • The shoulder straps aren’t adjustable. They fitted me perfectly, but they may not fit everyone.
  • If you are not terribly evenly proportioned – ie you have big boobs but a reasonably small waist I don’t think this would fit you. I think the bust area would be far too tight.
  • I’m not convinced you could wear this as outer wear. It does look vest top like, but it still has an air of underwear about it!

How To Put On The Tummy Tucker Vest

Like most of the shapewear vest tops it is a bit of a wrestle getting this on. Put on your own bra first (if you are going to be wearing one). You need to put the vest on over your head and get the bust section sitting in place first. Then roll the body down – it should be TIGHT! The skirt will fall into place by itself – it should just skim your hips.

Give your upper body a big wiggle to ensure the vest is sitting in just the right place.

Now get dressed x

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