Vacuous Article By The Mail Online On Miraclesuit Shapewear

Wow, once again I am proved right in my quest for writing honest reviews and taking real photos of shapewear. I have just read the most bland, uninteresting and unoriginal article on Miraclesuit shapewear. Curtesy of my fav (not!) online newspaper the Mail Online. If you want to kill 5 minutes of your time, click here to read it (you have been warned!).

What a waste of time and webspace! Nothing new, just the same generic blah and the same old photos that appear everywhere. Hello again you lovely young models trying to make shapewear look all pretty and sexy. This article tells me nothing, nothing at all, it is just marketing speak through and though. It is so irritatingly dull it is making my teeth hurt.

I’m not attacking Miraclesuit (unless they approved this article in which case, shame on you). I am having a massive go at the lack of journalistic skills that are on show at the Mail Online. It is like it was put together by my 2 year old with blunt scissors and pritt stick. It is a total cut and shut job with no thought put into it whatsoever. It was “written” by someone called DAILY MAIL REPORTER. I can just imagine the brief they were given, 300 words on Miraclesuit if you please. This must have taken them all of 10 minutes to Google and put it all together. If it took any longer then they really are in the wrong business. COME ON, lets have some better, more original writing folks, you are making me feel terribly well educated.

I actually really like Miraclesuit shapewear. The stuff I have tried on is really well made and thought out. It tries to solve lots of the problems other brands of shapewear have come across, such as legs rolling up and the stuff not really being made to fit plus-size figures properly. I think their claim of 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds is a bit far fetched, but their shapewear definitely works well and made a pleasing difference to my figure. Not that you would gleaned any of this from the Mail Online.

Deep breathing and calming thoughts….

Thank you Mail Online, aka The Daily Mail, your rubbish article has given me even more impetus to write this blog and website. My work will continue x